2024 Brew In The Lou Sampling Vendors

Brew in the Lou 2024

Sampling Vendors

In addition to providing samples of products,
Sampling Vendors are also entitled to sell products for a $100 exhibition fee.

Sampling Participants to Provide

  • Product donation for 1,800 consumers throughout the event.
  • Staff of 2 people (minimum) to serve samples. (Volunteers may be available to assist as needed.)
  • All booths must be set-up by 12:30 pm on Saturday, October 12, 2024 and remain open through 5 pm.
  • Vendor must provide and/or pay for their Tent and Signage.
  • Food Sampling requires a St. Louis City Health Dept Permit. We will assist you.
  • If possible, provide a Certificate of Insurance, naming the Lutheran Elementary School Association as a secondary insurer.
  • Allow the use of any images taken during the event to be used by LESA’s Brew in the Lou for publicity purposes.

Sampling Participants to Receive

  • Access to 1,800+ beer/wine/spirit loving enthusiasts for consumer on-site activation
  • 8-foot table, 2 chairs, ice, dump buckets, water dispensers, and tasting glass for all attendees.
  • Name/Logo inclusion in printed and digital promotional materials, valued at $85,000 or more.
  • Admission for up to 4 to the VIP Sponsor tent for complimentary food and drink.

Fill out the form below or download it here.

Pay the $100 Exhibition Fee.

Vendor Sampling Sign Up Form

    If tent is needed, there is a fee of $150 – make checks payable to: Lutheran Elementary School Assn.

Release and acceptance of Rules – By submitting this form, I/we the applicant(s), do expressly release the organizers of event from any and all liability for any damage, injury, or loss to any person, business, or property which may arise from licensing and occupation of the exhibit space by the applicant(s), and agree to hold and save organizers harmless of any damage, injury or less by reason thereof